Barnard, Earnest S. 07/17/1874 03/27/1931 Executive Knollwood Cemetery and Mausoleum   Mayfield Heights OH
Barrow, Edward G. 05/10/1868 12/15/1953 General Manager Kenisco Cemetery Section 79, Lot 10501, Grave 6 (Family Mausoleum) Valhalla NY
Bulkeley, Morgan 12/26/1837 11/06/1922 Executive** Cedar Hill Cemetery Section 1 Hartford CT
Campanis, Alexander S. 02/11/1970 06/21/1998 Executive Loma Vista Memorial Park Mausoleum, Unit 7, Crypt 520 Fullerton CA
Campbell, James 00/00/1924 10/31/1995 Executive Scott Cemetery   Huron OH
Chandler, A.P. "Happy" 07/14/1898 06/15/1991 Commissioner** Pisgah Presb. Churchyard   Versaillies KY
Curry, Duncan 00/00/1812 00/00/1904 Executive Green-Wood Cemetery   Brooklyn NY
Dowd, Thomas B. 00/00/1902 02/19/1976 Executive Mt. Calvary Cemetery   Roslindale MA
Eckert, William 'Spike' 01/20/1909 04/16/1971 Commissioner Arlington National Cemetery Section 30, Lot 370-2. Map coordinate Y-41 ArlingtonVA
Feeney, Charles S. "Chub" 08/31/1921 !0/01/1994 Executive Skylawn Memorial Park Veterans X1, Lot 11103 San MateoCA
Frick, Ford 12/19/1894 04/08/1978 Commissioner** Christ Church Columbarium Outdoor Columbarium, Niche 177 Bronxville NY
Giamatti, A. Bartlett 04/04/1938 09/01/1989 Commissioner Grove Street Cemetery   New Haven CT
Giles, Warren 05/28/1896 02/07/1979 Executive** Riverside Cemetery   Moline IL
Gould, Jack 00/00/0000 11/11/2002 Executive Shalom Memorial Park   Skokie IL
Harridge, William 10/16/1883 04/09/1971 Executive** Memorial Park Cemetery Mausoleum, Room 10-R, Chapel Floor Skokie IL
Heydler, John 07/10/1869 04/18/1956 NL President Cremated   San Diego CA
Hulbert, William 10/23/1832 04/10/1882 Executive Graceland Cemetery   Chicago IL
Johnson, Ban 01/06/1865 03/28/1921 AL President Riverside Cemetery   Spencer IN
Landis, Kenesaw M. 11/20/1866 11/25/1944 Commissioner** Oak Woods Cemetery Cremated, Ashes Buried In Section J, Lot 1, Plot 123 Chicago IL
Lane, Frank 02/01/1896 03/19/1981 Executive Restland Memorial Park Gospel Section, 270B Dallas TX
MacPhail, Leland "Larry" 02/03/1890 10/01/1975 Executive Elkland Township Cemetery Block 5, Lot 178 Cass City MI
O'Connell, Richard H. 00/00/1915 08/18/2002 Executive Mt. Auburn Cemetery   Cambridge MA
Pulliam, Harry 02/08/1868 07/23/1909 NL President Cave Hill Cemetery   Louisville KY
Rickey, Branch 12/20/1881 12/09/1965 Executive** Rushtown Cemetery   Rushtown OH
Tener, John K. 07/25/1863 05/19/1946 NL President Homewood Cemetery Section 12-3, Lot 102-W Pittsburgh PA
Weiss, George 06/23/1894 08/13/1972 Executive** Evergreen Cemetery   New Haven CT
Wilson, Myron "Mike"00/00/1890 08/19/1962 Executive Lake View Cemetery Section 60, Lot 210 Cleveland OH