The Obit For Craig Stimac

Drama, Craig Stimac found dead from the wife

Translated from Maremma News, 1/17/2009

The gambler of baseball played in the United States, to Grosseto and Marine san of Gualtiero.

Rosini Grosseto: Itself and' killed the past night to Marine San. Craig Stimac, a piece of story of the Italian baseball of the years '80. It had 54 years. It would have committed suicide with of the barbiturates because of a strong depression.

In Major League with San Diego in the two-year period 1980-81, the strong American receiver (been born at Oak Park, Illinois) arrival' in Italy in 1984 to dress the cloak of the Grosseto, of which was one of the hinges of the first badge in 1986. In the 87 I go' to the Marine San.

First-rate receiver, Stimac was one of the first
gamblers with experience of Major League to land in Italy.

Professional from 1976, 12 August 1980 in fact had debuted in the 'show' with the Padres, with which has had then disputed 29 competitions of Large League, before its contract came yielded to the Indians of Cleveland.

Graduated at the university of Denver, Stimac
a stockbroker had been. In the course of the season 2004 also had debuted like television commentator on SKY by the side of Pietro
Colnago on the occasion of the transmission of 2 Champions Cup of entries play San Marine. The Republic of the Titan had become in fact its country of residence.

Goddamn it, despite a strong (just think of the final gocò with fractured foot), that in theory should not have scratched them the mind, Craig unfortunately has left to go the
tentacles of this ugly pathology. You will be lacking us champion.

The funerals of Craig Stimac itself terranno today Saturday 17 January. The funereal procession will leave from the hospital of Marine San to 14 and the rite will be officiated I press the Church of Parapet to 14,15.


And 'dead Craig Stimac of Federico Masini

The former receiver of Grosseto and Marine San is disappeared during the night between Thursday and Friday - Had 54 years - For two seasons had played also in Major with the San Diego Padres.

Goodbye Craig. An important piece of the story of the Italian baseball of the years '80 if n' went during the night between Thursday and Friday. The American receiver, born November 18 of 1954 to Oak Park, in the illinois, played in Italy between 1984 1989 (after the two-year period '80-81 in Major League with the San Diego Padres) first with the Grosseto, winning a badge in 1986, and then with the Marine San.

Craig Stimac closed its Italian career from gambler with 322 entries played,. 400 of media beaten, 1,308 shifts, 523 valid, 95 fuoricampo, 371 points beaten at home, 58 bases stolen. In the years to follow it manager of the National Sammarinese was also.

Actual in the Republic of the Titan, Craig had decided to live and there, being at the first news arrived, would have committed suicide because of a strong depression that tormented it from now different years. The Federation Sammarinese Baseball and Softball and the Marine San Baseball expressed the more heard condolences to the family of Craig.