The Obit For Jerinson Tatis

Ballplayer and another young man killed in Villa Gonzalez
17 December 2012

VILLA GONZALEZ. After being declared a free agent by the Kansas City Royals, Jerinson Tatis was preparing his bags to go, today, and play with Oakland. But a bullet cut short the dreams of his humble family when in the dawn hours of Sunday he fell dead together with Angel Juan Alvarez, 25, in a shooting carried out by three minors in the community of Palmar Arriba.

During the incident the minor and cousin of the ballplayer, Raymundo Antonio Peña Nuñez, 16, was also wounded. He is currently hospitalized in a private clinic.

The shooting started in a party that was being held at the community basketball court, during the dawn hours of Sunday, to celebrate a basketball championship. It is believed that the cause was a settling of accounts over a drug deal. Tatis, 18 years old, had played until October with Kansas City when he was declared a free agent. He then returned to be with his family, but had obtained a new contract to leave today for the United States and start playing for the Oakland Athletics.

According to neighbor's reports, the aggressors invented an excuse that someone stepped on them in order to have a pretext and opened fire against the young men.

The Cibao Central Command of the National Police reported that a young 17 year old, the son of Modesto Paulino, and a resident of Street 2, #11 in the Ensanche La Rotonda is under arrest. At the same time the Police are looking for the fugitives Aniel Santos Martinez Reyes and another person known only as "Robinson."

The neighbors were very reserved about speaking out with regard to the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

The bodies of the young men were buried yesterday afternoon in the cemetery of Palmar Arriba.