The Obit For Christie Sanis

Christe Sanis Dies At Age 90

The Town-Crier, Wellington Fla., 11/20/2009

Christe William Sanis passed away on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 11, surrounded by his family in Wellington. He was 90.

Born to Greek immigrant parents in New York, Sanis played baseball in the Farm League before moving on to active service in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II. Afterward, Sanis enjoyed a long career at NBC, where he first worked behind the camera during the inception of broadcast television.

An energetic and forthright man, Sanis was big of heart, generous of spirit and devoted to his extended family. He met his wife Dorothy when they were introduced so that she might teach him how to dance.

Sanis is survived by his two sons William and Christe Sanis, daughter-in-law Laura and his beloved daughter, son-in-law and grandson Helene, Mark and Michael McLean. Ya’Sou, Papou!