The Obit For Mauro Contreras

Mauro died "Mariachi"; Contreras

Valentin Ramirez Llanes
January 12, 2013

Yesterday Friday January 11, 2013 passed away at the age of 83 years Mauro Carrasco Contreras, known as "El Mariachi" and was pitching in the early 50's in the Arizona-Texas League with the Indians of Juarez . With the tribe was in the years 1951, 1952 and 1954. He also played with the Pirates of Campeche in 1964 in the Southwestern League. In the Sonora-Sinaloa League (now Mex-Pac) was player of Hermosillo Naranjeros 1958-1962.

In the State of Chihuahua, Mauro Contreras made a career as a manager, was part of the coaching staff of the "Team of the Century" in Delicias Algodoneros that later became the basis for the national championship Chihuahua achieve those 72 zeros. A year later, Mauro teamed with SalvadorContreras "Chepilón" Santana to direct Algodoneros and managed to retain the championship by beating the Indians in Juarez in 5 tough games.

In the early 70's, Mauro Contreras ventured to pro ball with the Dorados de Chihuahua as part of the coaching staff, but bad passing team forced the board to dismiss Mauro Ruiz and "El Mariachi" entered the relay finishing the campaign of 1973. In 1979 he became manager of the Chihuahua Dorados buthad no luck and was replaced by Norman McRae also deceased.

Mauro Contreras was the man who signed Hector Espino Naranjeros team of Hermosillo in 1960, this recommendation was historic and a bit droll. Enrique Kerlegand in his book "The Wonderful World of Baseball" tells the story that spoke to Mauro Hector Espino Contreras in Bajio League when "The Chihuahua Superman" playing for Acambaro, in that conversation Espino Contreras managed to convince to play with but there was Naranjeros contraro, Mauro Contreras used a napkin as an official document. Time passed and not reported to Hermosillo Espino when they realized that playing for Yaquis Hector Espino, the young Hector unknown territories of Sonora and not knowing where he was Hermosillo, Obregón stepped in and asked about the team's offices, hence Yaquis that he was recruited to theteam. For the quality of the player, and Yaquis fought Naranjeros Espino exclusivity and the napkin that was signed Mauro Contreras which gave reason to Naranjeros.

Contreras was manager Mauro in Zone II for years and his last participation in government was as coach in 1998 as part of the Technical Enrique "El Pelon" Lycon and Ricardo "Bacatete"; Fernandez.

In 1990 he was immortalized in the Hall of Fame Sports Chihuahua.

Rest in Peace, Mauro "El Mariachi" Contreras