The Obit For Joel Rubenstein

Former Baseball Marketer Dies at 67
The Associated Press
02/02/04 18:13 EST
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) - Joel Rubenstein, a top aide to Peter Ueberroth with the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee and the baseball commissioner's office, has died at 67.
Rubenstein died from complications of cancer Sunday at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, the commissioner's office said. Five days earlier, Rubenstein was in New York for the annual dinner of the Baseball Assistance Team, which honored him for his contributions to the organization.
Rubenstein joined the commissioner's office in October 1984 as Ueberroth's executive vice president for marketing and helped found BAT, which raises money to assist former major leaguers and members of the major league baseball family in need.
``I've never known a more creative thinker and problem solver, with a bigger heart for looking out for others,'' Ueberroth said Monday.
``When I learned about the fact that the former players had no benefits, I was very surprised and thought that we should do something about it, and gave $100,000 to Joel Rubenstein and said,
`Make it happen.'
``It's produced millions of dollars for ballplayers who definitely needed help. During the Olympics and in baseball, he always put athletes first and supported their efforts.''
When Ueberroth left baseball in 1989, Rubenstein became a partner of Ueberroth's investment and management company, Contrarian Group Inc.
Rubenstein is survived by longtime companion Julie Diller and two sons, Jeff and Todd Rubenstein.
A funeral is scheduled for Wednesday at Hillside Mortuary in Los Angeles.