The Players Speak
Heading Home: Players Post Baseball Careers

Harry Ables: Manager of Lumber Supply Company
Cal Abrams: Cocktail Lounge Owner/Worked for Off Track Betting
Ody Abbott: Deputy Sheriff
Dan Abbott: Blacksmith
Spencer Abbott: Minor League Manager / Scout for Brooklyn and Washington
Babe Adams: Farmer
Bobby Adams: Chicago Cubs Coach/ President Tacoma Cubs (PCL) / Secretary of the APBP
Rick Adams: Farmer & Stockman
Spencer Adams: Maintenance Worker Utah State Highway Department
Joe Adcock: Manager of the Indians
Morrie Aderholt: Baseball Scout / Washington Senators
Dick Adkins: Warehouseman for Lovis Air Force Base Supply Department
Henry Adkinson: Miner
Sam Agnew: Civil Engineer
Hank Aguirre: Founder of Mexican Industries, Auto Parts Manufacturer
Bill Akers: Retired US Army Sergeant
Gus Alberts: Miner / Blacksmith
Vic Aldridge: Lawyer / Indiana State Senator
Doug Allen: Postal Clerk
Ethan Allen: Yale University Baseball Coach / National League Director of Motion Pictures
Johnny Allen: Real Estate Broker
Frank Allen: Farmer
Ham Allen: Railroad Employee
Nick Allen: Manager in the American Association / Major League Scout
Sled Allen: Sports Promoter
Dale Alexander: Baseball Scout
Grover Alexander: Performer in a Flea Circus
Doug Allison: Post Office Clerk in Washington, DC
Whitey Alperman: Night Watchman
Ed "Goat" Anderson: Luncheonette Owner
Ivy Andrews: Carpenter
Paul Ancker: Investigator for the Bergen County Board Of Freeholders
Fred Anderson: Dentist
Wingo Anderson: Farmer
John Andre Maintenance man at a restaurant
Jim Andrews: Real Estate Broker/Investor
Tom Angley: Sporting Goods Salesman / Semi-Pro Ball Player
Cap Anson: Owner of a Billiard Hall / Chicago City Clerk / Manager of a Golf Club
Ed Appleton: Special Officer MKT Railway
Angel Aragon: Maintenance Man for the New York IRT Subway / Scout for the New York Giants
Maurice Archdeacon: Scout for the St. Louis Browns
George Archie: Worked For Nashville Bridge Company
Jimmy Archer: Buyer in the Chicago Livestock Yards
Joe Ardner: Theatre Stageman
Ed Armbrust: Timekeeper for ADSCO Manufacturing
Henry Armbruster: Machinist
Bill Armour: Restaurant Owner
George Armstrong: Fireman for East Orange, NJ
Harry Arndt: Manager of the South Bend Green Stockings
Morrie Arnovich: Sporting Goods Store Owner
Jim Asbell: Self-Employed Real Estate Investor
Ken Ash: Scouted for the Cleveland Indians / Worked for Union Carbide
Richie Ashburn: Phillies Broadcaster
Lefty Atkinson: Maintenance Man for the Gas & Light Coke Company
Dick Attreau: Worked for the telephone company
Dock Ayers: Farmer
John Babich: Salesman for a wholesale plumbing company
Red Badgro: NFL Player (New York - Brooklyn) Department of Agriculture, Olympia, WA
Ed Baecht: Tavern/Restaurant Owner
Jim Bagby Sr.: Umpire in the Piedmont League
Gene Bailey: Rice University Baseball Coach
Harry "Bill" Bailey: Owner of Bailey's Hardware Store in Seattle, WA
Harvey Bailey: Dentist
King Bailey: Managed the Southern headquarters of National Casualty Insurance Company of Chicago in Macon
Sweetbreads Bailey: Weighmaster for the Phoenix Manufacturing Company of Joliet, IL
Tom H. Baker: Appraiser for the Jefferson County, WA Assesssors Office
Howard Baldwin: Plumber
Lady Baldwin: Real Estate Salesman / Farmer
Howie Baldwin: Plumber
Marc Baldwin: Physician
Art Ball: Night Watchman
Neal Ball: Hat Salesman / Manager of a Bowling Alley
Don Bankhead: Truck Driver
Jim Bannon: Baseball Coach at Lehigh University and University of New Hampshire
Charlie Barber: Bricklayer
George Barclay: Dentist
Eppie Barnes: Director of Athletics and Baseball Coach of Colgate University
Frank Barnes: Assistant Manager of the WB Hobby International Airport
Jesse Barnes: Oklahoma City Policeman
Junie Barnes: Baptist Minister
Red Barnes: Postmaster
Virgil Barnes: Artist
Sam Barkley: Cigar Maker
Red Barkley: Semi Pro Manager/G.M. in Texas League/Scouted for 50 years
Jack Barnett: Game Warden
Ed Barney: Tavern Owner
Rex Barney: Orioles Public Address Announcer for 25 years
Bob Barr: Clerk
Scotty Barr: Oil Operator
Bill Barrett: Salesman For Seagrams Liquors
Jimmy Barrett: Senior Partner in a Real Estate firm
Marty Barrett: Bartender / Clerk Frank Barron: Attorney
Ed Barry: Stove Salesman for the Otter River Stove company
Jack Barry: Baseball Coach at Holy Cross College
Les Bartholomew: Self-employed Sheet Metal Worker
Charlie Bartson: Drainage Contractor
Jim Baskette: Salesman
Charlie Bastian: Carpenter
Emil Batch: Telephone Operator
Johnny Bates: Deputy Sheriff
Joe Battin: Bricklayer
Al Bauer (Umpire): Private Detective
Harry Baumgartner: Emmigration Inspector for the US Coast Guard
Stan Baumgartner: Sportswriter
Moose Baxter: Hotel Owner
Harry Bay: Secretary for the Peoria Fire Department / Illinois State Auto License Examiner
Harry Bayless: Foreman For a Copper Mine
Johnny Beall: Building Contractor
Walt Beall: Truck Driver
Ernie Beam: Mansfield, Ohio Policeman
Erv Beck: Clerk
Fred Beck: Hotel Clerk
Hugh Bedient: Employee of the Harbison - Carborundum Corporation of Falconer, NY
Andy Bednar: Oil Field Worker
Fred Beebe: Salesman
Roy Beecher Meat Cutter at the Toledo State Hospital
Frank Behle (Umpire): Bondsman
Ollie Bejma: Employee AM General Corp. / Studebaker Corp. / Notre Dame University
Mark Belanger: Worked for the Major League Baseball Players Association
Ira Belden: Motorman for Cleveland Railway Company.
Charlie Bell: Police Officer
Frank Bell:Private Watchman
George H. Bell: Handyman / Laborer
Hy Bell: Restaurant Owner
Harry Bemis: Worked For Furniture Company
Ray Benge: Assistant Baseball Coach at Sam Houston University / Rancher
Bennie Bengough: Public Relations for Philadelphia Phillies
Pug Bennett: Baseball Coach / Worked For King County, Washington
Allen Benson: Farmer
Cy Bentley: Iron Moulder
Al Benton: Motel Owner
Larry Benton: Supervisor for Cincinnati Transit Company
Stan Benton: Salesman for the Williams Shoe Company of Portsmith, OH
Joe Benz: Surveyor
Augie Bergamo: Manufacturers Representative
Nate Berkenstock Merchant
Joe Berry: Calendar Representative for a Rubber Company
Tom Berry: Alderman
Hank Biasatti: Sporting Goods Buyer for K-mart Inc.
Vern Bickford: Construction
Dan Bickham: Real Estate Dealer
Lyle Bigbee: Shipfitter
Harry Billiard: Auto Salesman
Steve Biras: Welder in a Shipyard
Jud Birchall: Store Keeper
Dave Birdsall:Bartender
Joe Birmingham: Mexican League Umpire
Frank Bishop: Commission Man
Red Bitmann (Umpire): Custodian at an Armory
Rae Blaemire: Owner of an Implement Company
Fred Blake: Coalminer
Harry Blake: Butcher
Bob Blakiston : Janitor
Homer Blankenship: Worked for Mobile Oil
Curt Blefary: Co-owner and purchasing agent for Accent Skylight Corporation in Boca Raton, FL
Frank Bliss: Lawyer
Bruno Block: Salesman for Miller Brewing Company
Bert Blue: Stockman for Chrysler Motors
Lu Blue: Chinchilla Farmer
Ping Bodie: Electrician
Larry Boerner: Mortgage Loan Broker
Charles Boles (Umpire): Book Keeper
Tommy Bond: Assessor for the City of Boston
Theo Bomeisler (Umpire): Politician
George Bone: Professional Roller Polo player
Julio Bonetti: Carpenter
Everett Booe: Owned the Booe Lumber Company
Frenchy Bordagary: Owned 15 cemeteries/sports supervisor for Ventura, CA
Bill Borton: Process Operator for Standard Oil Company
Harley Boss: Owner Of An Insurance Agency
Andy Boswell: Attorney/NJ State Assembleyman / Ocean City, NJ Solicitor
John Bottarini: Assistant Baseball Coach, University Of New Mexico
Ct Bowen: Grocery Store Owner
Red Bowser: Glass Worker for Fostoria Glass Company
Jack Boyle: Saloon Keeper
Gene Brabender: Construction contractor in Black Earth, WI
George W. Bradley: Philadelphia Policeman
Gibby Brack: Steel Worker
Foghorm Bradley: Clerk
George Bradley: Philadelphia Policeman
Dallas Bradshaw: Insurance Broker
Fred Brainard Oilman / Rancer
Al Braithwood: B.& O. Engineer
Norm Branch: Rural Currier for U.S. Post Office
Fred Bratschi: Service Station Owner
Garland Braxton: Operating Engineer
Herb Bremmer: Railroad Engineer
Don Brennan: Salesman
Rube Bressler: Real Estate Salesman
Fatty Briody: Carpenter / Trucking Company Owner
Jim Britt: Plumbing Inspector for the City of San Francisco
Boardwalk Brown: Construction
Charlie Brown: Laborer
Drummond Brown: Kansas City, MO Detective/Electrical Appliance Salesman
Gerry Brown: Plant Operator for a Chemical Company
John J. Brown: Worker for UGI Corp.
Jumbo Brown: Game Supervisor for NY State Parks Department
Lindsay Brown: Buyer, Cattle Business
Mace Brown: Scouted and coached the Red Sox for 42 years.
Sam Brown: Coal Miner
Frank Browning: Clerk for Bexar County, Texas Clerk's Office
Frank Bruggy: Detective for the Union County, NJ Prosecutors Office
George Bryant: Piano Mover
Hal Bubser: Repairman at a Veterans Hospital
Jim Buchanan: Farmer
Jim Bucher: Goverment Worker
Jay Budd: Book Keeper
Charlie Buffinton: Bookkeeper
Henry Buker: Real estate Investor / Manager of the Lyceum Theatre
Al Burch: Chauffeur
Ernie Burch: Broom Maker
Joe Burg: Railroad Clerk
Johnny Burnette: Civil Engineer
Jim Burns: Rigger
Kid Butler: Ticket Taker for the Braves & Red Sox Frank Buttery: Grocer
Leon Cadore: Liquor Salesman
Hick Cady: Minor League Umpire
Bob Cain: Salesman, Kraft Foods
George Caithamer: Driver for an Express Company
Charlie Caldwell: Princeton University Baseball Coach
Ralph Caldwell: Teacher
Ray Caldwell: Railroad Telegrapher
Joe Callahan: Clerk for Firestone Rubber and Tire Company
Wes Callahan: Newspaper Work
Jack Calvo: Farmer
Hugh Campbell: Craftsman
Mike Cantwell: Salesman
Pat Caraway: Engineer for Texas & Pacific Railroad
John Carbine: Printer/Pressman
Ben Cardoni: Tavern Owner
Scoops Carey; Painter
Swede Carlstrom: Bartender
Dan Campbell (Umpire): Bartender
Jim Carleton: Broker
Billy Carlin (Umpire): Saloon Keeper
Jack Carney: Baseball Coache Phillips Exeter Academy, Boston University & Cornell University
Red Carney (Umpire): Inspector for Ohio State Highway Department
Bill Carpenter (Umpire): Supervisor for National Association Of Professional Baseball
Dick Carroll: Salesman
George Caster: Aircraft Machinist
Vince Castino: District Manager for Sacramento Bee
Ted Cather: Storekeeper
Buster Caton: Worked for the City of Zanesville, OH
John Cattanach: Chemist
Tom Catterson: Clerk for the Grand Trunk Railroad of Portland, Maine
Rex Cecil: Roofer / Construction Worker
Ed Cermak: Minor League Umpire
Chet Chadbourne: Bartender
Leon Chagnon: Annealer for General Electric
George Chalmers: Insurance Adjuster
Esty Chaney: Engineer for N.Y.C.R.R.
Calvin Chapman: Watch Maker
Harry Chapman: Live Stock Rancher
Bill Chappelle: Police Officer
Mike Chartak: Bartender
Buster Chatham: Farmer
Cupid Childs: Coal Business
Harry Chipman (Umpire): Attorney
Felix Chouinard: Bartender
Harry Chozen: Owner of Insurance Agency
Lloyd Christenbury: Shipping Clerk
Danny Clark: Oil Dealer
Earl Clark: FBI Agent
Jim Clark: Newspaper Distributor
Roy Clark: Representative for Traveler's Insurance
Dad Clarke: Bartender
Grey Clarke: Inspector Cotton Mill
Dad Clarkson: Salesman
Flea Clifton: Insurance agent
Monk Cline: Captain with the Louisville (KY) Fire Department
Otis Clymer: Automobile Dealer
Bill Cissell: Worked for the White Sox
Gene Cocreham: Farmer
Tom Colcolough: Welder at U.S. Navy Yard in Charleston, SC
Ray Coleman: Book Keeper
Walter Coleman: Merchant
Cad Coles: Steamship Purser
Rip Collins: Bryan, Texas Police Chief
Wilson Collins: Athletic Director For Knoxville High School
Bob Cone: Doctor
Fred Cone: Clerk for the Grand Pacific, Wellington and Great Northern Hotels in Chicago
Bunk Congalton: Worked for Cleveland, Ohio Water Department
Dick Conger: Production Foreman for Times-Mirror Company
Ed Connolly: Worked for the Massachusetts State Department of Resources
Joe Connolly: Baseball Coach for Providence College and Sacred Heart Academy / Investigator for Rhode Island State Board of Milk Control
Pete Conway: Laborer
Dan Coogan: Typist for Pennsylvania Health Department
Dick Coogan: Freeholder/Registrar of Deeds in Passaic County, NJ
Duff Cooley: Salesman
Jack Coombs: College Baseball Coach
William Coon: Mail Clerk
Frank Corridon: Manufacturer of Electric Headlights
Jess Cortazzo: Worked for the Westinghouse Air Brake Corporation
Harvey Cotter: Owned His Owned Apartment House
Tom Cotter: Liquor Business
Ensign Cottrell: Self Employed Civil Engineer and Surveyor
Bill Coughlin: Baseball Coach at Lafayette College, Easton, PA
Ernie Courtney: Hotelkeeper
Harry Courtney: Broker
Dee Cousineau: Insurance Agent
Dick Culler: Merchant
Harry Coveleski: Cafe Owner
Tex Covington: Farmer
Les Cox: School Teacher
Sam Crane: Sporswriter for the New York Evening Journal
Alexander Crawford (Umpire): Worked for the Railroad
Birdie Cree: Bank Clerk
Pat Chrisham: Machinist in an Automobile Shop
Ned Crompton: Laborer
Jack Crooks: Salesman
Tom Crooke: Umpire
George Crosby: Teamster
Lave Cross: Worked for Willys-Overland
Bill Crouch: Clerk for Cadillac Motor Company
Jack Crouch Retail Lumber Salesman
Buck Crouse: Worked 20 years for Acme-Lees Company, maker of auto molding
Billy Crowell: Merchant
John Crowley:Saloon Keeper
Norman 'Nick' Cullop: Coal Miner
Walt Curley: Physician
Jim Curry: Camden, NJ Police Officer
Cliff Curtis: Automobile Dealer
George Huff: Athletic Director
Andy Cusick: Chicago Police Officer
Vince Dailey: Policeman with the Hornell, New York PD / Worked for the Erie Railway
Gene Dale: Plater, Steel Products Company
Tom D. Daly: Coach with the Red Sox
Jud Daley: Worked for Goodyear Tire Company
Tom Daley: Insurance Broker
Tom Daly: Coach for Boston Red Sox
Bill Dam: Shellfish Dealer
Bert Daniels: Building Inspector for Cedar Grove, NJ
Buck Danner: Maintenance Man at Milton Academy
Lee Dashner: Laborer in the Oil Industry
Claude Davenport: Farmer
Lum Davenport: Claims Coordinator, Empire Insurance Company
Claude Davidson: Self-Employed Consulting Engineer
George Davies: Physician
Dixie Davis: Tobacconist
Harry Davis: Tax Clerk/Councilman Philadelphia, PA
George A. Davis: Lawyer
George S. Davis: Automobile Dealer
Harry Davis: Philadelphia Assemblyman and Tax Clerk
Jumbo Davis: Broker
Lefty Davis: Steamfitter
Dorey Dean: Electrotyper
Chubby Dean: Director Of Sports for US Government
Johnny Deasley: Storekeeper
Hank DeBerry: Scout for NY Giants
Joe DeBerry: Tobacco Buyer
Dummy Deegan: Welder
Pat Deisel: Clerk for Board Of Elections
Bill Deitrick: Trust Officer for Chase National Bank / Worked for American Cyanamid and Chemical Company
Jim Delahanty: Foreman, Street Department, City of Cleveland
Joe Delahanty: Deputy Sheriff
Fred Demarais: Bartender
Frank Demaree: Key Grip for United Artists Studios
Gene Derby: Owned and operated Derby's Bakery in Glens Falls
Hal Deviney: Assistant Tree Warden
Jim Devlin: Philadelphia Policeman
Charlie Dexter: Sportswriter for the Sporting News and Baseball Digest/Author
Murry Dickson: Carpenter
Dutch Dietz: Personel Director, City of Beaumont, TX
Harley Dillinger: Sales Agent
Pop Dillon: Managed in the PCL / Fruit Rancher / Wholesale Tire Business
Joe Dolan: Omaha Railroad Flagman
Frank Doljack: Cashier for the State of Ohio Liquor Department
Art Doll: Worked for Southeastern Construction Company
Ed Donalds: Used Car Salesman
Pete Donnelly: Plumber
Mike Doolin: Dentist
Charlie Dorman: San Francisco Policeman
Bert Dorr: Laborer
Babe Doty: Carpenter for Ohio Public Service
Larry Douglas: Owned a Furniture Store
Astyanax Douglass: Furniture Store Owner
Klondike Douglass Saw Mill Operator
Tom Downey: FBI Agent
Carl Doyle: Policeman
Conny Doyle: Railroad Foreman
Logan Drake: Sandwich Maker
Doc Draper: Secretary for Cincinnati Police Department
Bill Drescher: Electrician
Bob Dresser: Bank Teller
Mike Drissel: Sergeant in the St Louis Police Department
Lou Drucke: Cotton Classer for a Cotton Firm
Carl Druhot: Steamfitter
Monk Dubial: US Postal Worker
Jean Dubuc: Salesman for an Ink Company
Pat Duff: Baseball Coach at Providence College
Barney Duffy: Oil Operator
Dan Dugdale: Minor League Manager
Oscar Dugey: Painter
Bill Duggleby: Street Department Employee, Ilion, NY
Pat Duncan: Office Worker for Ohio State Highway Department
Wiley Dunham: Insurance Salesman for Sunlife Of Canade
Joe Dunn: Timekeeper, R-N Company
Andy Dunning: Self Employed/Tea and Coffee Business
Kid Durbin: Baker in a Restaurant
Rich Durning: Salesman
Eddie Dyer: Part Owner of Insurance Company
Harry East: Physician
Ted Easterly: Carpenter
Vallie Eaves: Minor League Manager
Ox Eckhardt: Stockman, Livestock Industry
Charlie Eden: Railroad Conductor
George Edmondson: Farmer
Harry Eells: Real Estate Broker
Howard Ehmke: Tarpaulin Manufacturer
Hank Eibel: Recreation Center Owner
Claude Elliott: Minor League Umpire / Garage Foreman
Glenn Elliott: Scout for the Phillies
Hal Elliott: Accountant
Slim Embrey: Attorney
Frank Emmer: Police chief for Westinghouse Corporation
Woody English: Worked for a lighted-picture manufacturer / Worked in an aircraft plant / State Farm Insurance Agent
Russ Ennis: Tavern Owner
Charlie Enwright: Member of the Sacramento Civil Service Commission / Merchant with the firm Miller and Enright
Clarence Enzenroth: Worked for the Detroit Housing Commission
Hank Erickson: Stockroom Manager for City of Louisville stores warehouse
Jim Eschen: General Manager, Ringwood Corporation
Duke Esper: Saloon Owner
Uel Eubanks: Paining and Roofing Contractor
Art Evans: Tool Planner at Boeing Aircraft Factory
Bill Evans: Service Station Owner
Bill Evans: Traveling Salesman
Chick Evans: Maintenance Man
Joe Evans: Doctor
Steve Evans: Supervisor for the State of Ohio
Tom Evers: Worked for the U.S. Goverment
George Ewell: Oyster Opener
Homer Ezzell: Scale Inspector for the Missouri Pacific Railroad
Jay Faatz: Insurance Salesman
Charlie Fallon: Watchman
Cliff Fannin: Salesman
Frank Fahey: Payroll Clerk
Tom Farley: Glass Blower
Alex Farmer: Plumber
Duke Farrell: Scout for Braves & Yankees / deputy U.S. Marshal
Harry Feldman: Record Shop Owner
Norman Fenno (Umpire): Worked for the Nickel Plate Freight Line of Memphis, TN
Frank Figgemeir: Farmer
Happy Finneran: Funeral Director & Embalmer
Lou Finney: Feed and Seed Store Owner
Ted Firth: Machinist
Charlie Fisher: Teamster / Miner / Woodcutter
Clarence Fisher: Worked For Georgia Pacific Corporation. Wilbur Fisher: General Mine Foreman
Max Fiske: Milkman for the Bowman Dairy Company
Wes Fisler: Mens Furnishings
Howie Fitzgerald: Dry Cleaner
Mike Fitzgerald: San Mateo, California Building Inspector
John Fluhrer:Claims Supervisor for the Ohio Attorney General
George Flynn: Commercial Traveler
Jocko Flynn: Inspector
John Flynn: Providence College Baseball Coach / Lawyer
Stu Flythe: Salesman for the Maola Milk and Ice Cream Company
Will Foley: Clerk
Gene Ford: Farmer
Eddie Foster: Welder
Henry Fountain (Umpire): Auditor for a Railroad
Henry Fournier: Gas Station Attendant
Howie Fox: Tavern Owner
John Fox: Clerk
Pete Fox: Manufacturing Representative
Bill Foxen: Auditor for the W.P.A.
Ray Francis: Atlanta Policeman
Julie Freeman: Printer
Pat French: Clerk at Shipyard
Bernie Friberg: G.E. Transportation Department
Cy Fried: Foreman for Ohio Public Service
Pat Friel: Caretaker of the Winthrop Building in Providence, RI
Emil Frisk: Table Operator for the Pacific Coast Company
Sam Frock: Painter
Charlie Fuchs: Supervisor for Red Star Express
Oscar Fuhr: Pumper for an Oil Company
Dot Fulghum: Insurance Adjuster
Harry Fuller: Printer
Nig Fuller: Conductor for Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad
Chic Fullis: Hotel Owner
Washington Fulmer: Fireman for Philadelphia Water Department
Eddie Fusselback: Plumber
Les Fusselman: Driver / Salesman
Frank Gabler: Scout for the St. Louis Cardinals
Ken Gables: City Marshall and Deputy Sheriff for Walnut Grove, MO
John Gaddy: Grocery Salesman
Charlie Gagus: Managed in the PCL / Minor League Umpire
Del Gainer: Deputy U.S. Marshall
Fred Gallia: Electrician
Ralph Glaze: Railroad Superintendent
Shorty Gallagher: Inspector
Jim Galloway: Private Investigator
Bob Gandy: Paymaster for the McGiffin Coal Company
Bill Gannon: Minor League Umpire
Joe Gannon: Laborer
Charlie Ganzel: Traveling Salesman
Art Gardiner: Salesman
Gid Gardner: Traveling Salesman
Willi Garoni Sewer Contractor
Jim Garry: Worked for General Electric
Jim Galligan: Clerk
Ed Gastfield: Plumber
Welcome Gaston: Minor League Umpire
Doc Gautreau: Major League Scout
Bill Gannon: Umpire
Ed Gastfield: Plumber
Mike Gaule: Baltimore Police Officer
Charlie Gelbert: Coach of Lafayette College Baseball Team
Emil Geiss: Chicago Police Officer
Bill George: Saloon Keeper
Wally Gerber: Recreatinn Director
Doc Gessler: Physician
Frank Gibson: Worked for City of Austin Power Department
Whitey Gibson: Farmer
Pete Gilbert: Cigar Business
George Gilham: Junior High Physical Education Teacher
John Gillespie: Machinist for the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, CA
Pit Gilman: Salesman for Robert F. McKenzie Candy Company
Grover Gilmore: Salesman for Swift & Company
Jim Gladd: Vice President of Plains Lumber Company
John Glaiser: Laborer
Luke Glavanich: Assayer for Amador Metals Reduction Company
Ralph Glaze: Railroad Superintendent
Frank Gleich: Railroad Policeman for the Pennsylvania Railroad
Ed D. Glenn: Boilermaker
Walt Goldsby: Railroad Clerk
Warren Goldsmith: Clerk
Skinny Graham: Rug Salesman
Jim Grant: Masonry Forman
Sam "Dolly" Gray: Farmer
Johnny Grabowski: Mechanical Inspector
Reggie Grabowski: Collector of Parking Meter Fees
Chummy Gray: Operated a Billiard Parlor
John Greason: Hotel Proprietor
Romer "Reddy" Grey: Business Manager for his brother writer Zane Grey
Stan Gray: Merchant
John Greason: Hotel Proprietor
Jim Green: Laborer
Bill Greenwood: Weaver
Tim Greisenbeck: Kennell Operator
Ed Gremminger: Worked for Hygenic Products Company of Canton, OH
Hank Griffin: Postmaster at Elmo, TX
Pat Griffin: Sheet Mill Superintendent for the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company of Youngstown, OH
Ray Grimes: Pottery Caster
Turkey Gross: Drugist
Harvey Grubb: Employee
Whitey Guese: Gardner
Ad Gumber: Pittsburgh Politician / County Sheriff
Charlie Guth: Shirt Cutter
Bruno Haas: Minor League Owner/Executive, Contractor
Walter Hackett: Proof reader for the Boston Globe
Bump Hadley: TV Sportscaster / Yankees Scout
Ed Hahn: Night Watchman for a Cement Company
Hal Haid: Postal Clerk
Jim Haislip: Operated Dallas Transit Company
Odell Hale: Oil Refinery Employee
Sammy Hale: Professional Golfer
Charlie Hall: Surgeon
Herb Hall: Cotton Broker
Scott Hardesty: Carpenter
Harry Hardy: Security Guard for Wheeling Steel Corporation
Jack Hardy: Real Estate Broker
Dick Harley: Baseball coach for University of Pittsburgh, Penn State and Villanova / Cafe Owner
Dick Harley: Worked 40 years for Robbins and Myers, Inc
Slim Harrell: District Manager for Texas Power & Light
Andy Harrington: Deputy Marshall, Keokuk, IA
Bill Hart: Electrotyper
Burt Hart: Chauffeur for a Transfer and Storage Company
Jumbo Harting: Rope Splicer
Ziggy Hasbrook: Sales engineer for A.Y. McDonald Mfg.
Jack Haskell (Umpire): Representative. 1st Assembly District of Kansas City, MO
Clem Hausmann: Process Operator for Enjay Chemical Company
Frankie Hayes: Owned his own Sporting Goods Store
Hicks Hayhurst (Umpire): Philadelphia Councilman
James Haynie (Umpire): Worked In a Library
Tom Healey: Dentist
Egyptian Healy: Detective with the St. Louis, MO Police Department
Guy Hecker: Lease Adjustor for Ohio Fuel Gas Company
Chink Heileman: Night watchman at a Music Hall
Jack Heinzman: Louisville, KY Policeman
Crese Heisman: General Store Owner
Horace Helmbold: Salesman
Bernie Henderson: Farme/Rancher
Ed Hendricks: Deputy Warden, Michigan State Prison
Tim Hendryx: Taxi Driver
Lafayette Henion: Truck Driver in the Construction Industry
Ernie Herbert: Expediter for LTV Aircraft
Art Herring: Carpenter
Lefty Herring: Mail Supervisor for an automotive company
Buck Herzog: Worked For B&O Railroad
George Heubel: Clerk
Joe Heving: Pipefitter, Southern Railway
Mike Hickey: Minor League Umpire/Bartender
Nat Hicks: Professional Singer and Proprieter of a Billiard Academy
Charlie Hickman: Sheriff
Ernie Hickman: Salesman
Pinky Higgins: Scout for Houston Astros
Dick Higham: Book Keeper
John Hiland: Coachman
Still Bill Hill: Cincinnati Police Detective
Herbert Hill: Nurseryman
Hunter Hill: Farmer
Red Hill: Manager, Used Car Department for an Automobile Company
Harry Hinchman: Managed a Bowling Alley
Mike Hines: Painter
Gordie Hinkle: Motor repairman at a Petroleum Flant
John Hinton: Bartender
Jimmy Hitchcock: Head baseball coach and assistant football coach at Auburn University / Player-Manager for Opelika Owls (Class D Georgia-Alabama League) / Worked for the Alabama Public Service Commission
Bill Hobbs: Owned his own Beer Distributorship
Dick Hoblitzel: Farmer
Marty Hogan: Farmer
Chief Hogsett: Liquor salesman
Eddie Hohnhorst: Covington, KY Policeman
Bill Hoffer: Motorman
Bug Holliday: Clerk
Watty Holm: Clerk at a Sporting Goods Store
Charlie Hollocher: Cubs Scout / Tavern Owner / Investigator for St. Louis County Prosecutors Office. Watchman for a drive-in theater
Chick Holmes: Tavern Owner
Marty Honan: Tax collector in Chicago's Sixth Ward / Salesman
Sam Hope: Gun Smith / Gun Store Owner
Marty Hopkins: Insurance Salesman
Elmer Horton: Glass Blower
Pete Hotaling: Machinist
Charlie Hostetler: Boeing Aircraft Company Employee
Fred House: Stationary Engineer
John Houseman: Wholesale Wine & Liquor Business / Owned the Majestic Bar in Chicago
Art Houtteman: Steel salesman in the Detroit area
Ed Hovlik: Machinist
Dave Howard: Engineering Consultant for an Oil & Gas Company
George Howard: Minor League Club Owner
Clarence Huber: U.S. Customs Inspector
Johnny Hudson: Scout for NY Giants
George Huff: Athletic Director
Ed Hug: Custodian
Jim Hughes: Caretaker at a Sacramento Ballpark
Joe Hughes: Salesman
Johnny Humphries: Car Salesman
Johnny Hutchings: Minor League Manager / Salesman
Charlie Ingraham: Stage Carpenter
Charlie Irwin: Minor League Manager & Umpire
George Jackson: Rancher
Henry Jackson: Real Estate Salesman
Harry Jacoby: Police Officer
Heinie Jantzen: Poultryman
Hi Jasper: Bartender
Alamazoo Jennings: Policeman / Minor league umpire / Chemist
Augie Johns: Minor League Umpire
Caleb Johnson: Lawyer
Jing Johnson: Athletic Director for Ursinus College / Rehabilitation and Education Director for the Veteran's Administration / Employed by McCarraher Brothers retail appliance store
John Johnson: Street repair Foreman for City of Kansas City, NO
Paul Johnson: Gauger for an Oil Company
Fred Johnston: Realtor
Charles F. Jones: New York City Police Officer
Oscar Jones: Tire Dealer
Uriah L. Jones: Railroad Switchman for Louisville-Cincinnati line, Pennsylvania RR amd Sante Fe Line
Ron Jones: Part-owner of the Big League Baseball Academy in Tomball, TX
Sheldon Jones: Sales Rep GE Manufacturing
Jim Jordan: Salesman for a Distribution Company
Harry Jordan: Electrician for Westinghouse Corporation
Frank Jude: Carpenter
Joseph Julian (Umpire): Worked for Woodlawn Cemetery, Kansas City, MO
Herb Juul:Attorney
George Kahler: Physician
S.L. Kahn: Insurance Business
John Kane: Livestock Broker
Paul Kardow: Master Plumber
Jack Katoll: Stone Construction
Bob Keating Inventor & Manufacturer of the Keating Bicycle
Bill Keen: worked for Houdaille-Hershey Corporation of Huntington, WV
George Kelb: Bridge Operator for City of Toledo, OH
Harry Kelley: Farmer
Nate Kellogg: Printer
Rudy Kemmler: Laborer
Ed Kenna: Editor of the Charleston (WV) Gazette
Snapper Kennedy: Professional Golfer
Dickie Kerr: Office Manager for an Electrical Supply Company
Gus Ketchum: Auto Salesman
Ed Killian: Auto Mechanic
Hal Kime: Common Pleas Court Judge
Chad Kimsey: Laborer / Truck Driver
Lee King: Zinc Miner / School Teacher
Walt Kinzie: Pay Master
Rube Kisinger: Mechanical Engineer, NYCRR
Bill Kissinger: Clothing Designer
Billy Klusman:Cafe Owner / Bartender
Phil Knell: Businessman
Ed Knouff: Philadelphia Fireman
Ed Konetchy: Scout for Cardinals
Fabian Kowalik: Wholesale Beer Distribtor
Clarence Kraft: Tarrant County, TX Judge
Jack Kraus: Salesman for a Trucking Company
Remy Kremer: Mail Carrier
Walt Kuhn: Machinist
John Kull: Laborer
Bill Kusel: Accontant for Ferro enamel
Emil Kush: Auto Salesman
Bill Lackey: Salesman for Foster Stove Company
Steve Ladew: Fireman, Rock Island Railway
Ralph LaPointe: Professor at the University of Vermont
Frank LaPorte: Foreman, Forging Department, Heller Brothers Company
Jack Lapp: Truck Driver
Emil Leber: Mail Carrier
Bevo Lebourveau: California State Board Of Equalization
Bud Lally: Clerk
Pete Lamers: Clerk
Tacks Latimer: Detective
Al Lawson: Writer
Emil Leber: Mail Carrier
Leonidas Lee: Physician
Bill Lennon: Watchman
Andy Leonard: Clerk
Roy Leslie: Grocer
Carl Lind: Assistant Manager of Buliding Material Company
Vive Lindaman: Dairy Farmer
Chris Lindsay: Contractor
Axel Lindstrom: Minor League Umpire
Fred Link: Clerk
Pete Lister: Machine Operator, U.S. Arsenal
Harry Little:Painter
Jack Little: Architect
Paddy Livingston: City of Cleveland Bridge Department
Marshall Locke: Attorney
Mike Loan: Manufacturing Representative
Dan Long: Court Stenographer
Carlton Lord: Store Clerk
Joe Lotz: Insurance Agent
Baldy Louden: Garage Owner
Slim Love: Steamfitter at a Navy Yard
John Lovett: Service Station Owner
John Lowell (Umpire): Engraver for John A. Lowell Bank Note Company
Con Lucid: Lease Department for Texas County, TX
Willie Ludolph: Worked for his brother's milk trucking business
Walt Lutzke: Tavern Owner
Adrian Lynch: Salesman for Certain-teed Products Corporation
Al Lyons: Scout for the New York Mets
Pat Lyons: Tinner
Terry Lyons: Service Control, Frigidaire Corporation
Toby Lyons: Actor / Comedian
Ed MacGamwell: Owned a Confectionary Store in Albany, NY
Len Madden: Fireman for the Toledo Fire Department
Charles Maddox (Umpire): Meat Business
Sal Madrid: Print Shop Manager
Willard Mains: Baseball Bat Maker
John Malarkey: Electrical Welder
Herm Malloy: Hotel Clerk
Eddie Malone: Owned a car dealership
Billy Maloney: Oil Business
Jim Manning: Land Appraiser for Missouri-Pacific Railroad
Moxie Manuel: Clerk (Mercantile Business)
Ed Mars: Sheet Metal Worker
Lewis Martin (Umpire): Clerk
C.V. Matteson: Dry Goods Merchant
Hal Mauck: Umpire in the Three-I League & Southern Association / Special Agent for the Southern Railroad / Marshal of Princeton, Indiana / Deputy Fish & Game Commissioner of Indiana
Bert Maxwell: Merchant & Wool Buyer
Patsy McGaffigan:Book Keeper
Frank McCarton: NYC Police Officer
Pat McCauley: Longshoreman
John McCloskey: Coal Miner
Hal McClure: Attorney
Larry McClure: Attorney / School Teacher
Jerry McCormick: Laborer
Barney McCoskey: Owned a party store / Car salesman
Harry McCurdy: Administrator for Houston Independent School District
Mike McDermott: Laborer for the Laclede Gas & Light Company
Sandy McDermott: Telegraph Operator
Joe McDonald: Plant Protection for Humble Oil
Chappie McFarland: Theatre Manager
Frank McGee: Adjuster, Columbus Finance Company
Frank McGinn:Bookkeeper
Tom McGinty: Dock Foreman
Howard McGraner: Brakeman for B&O Railroad
Slim McGrew: Electrical Worker
Jim McGuire: Fireman
Matty McIntyre: Minor League Manager / Semi-Pro Ball Player
Otto McIvor: Superintendent of Underwood Compress
Reeve McKay: Fire Chief, North American Aviation
Ed McKean: Bartender
Polly McLarry: Real Estate Broker
Billy McLaughlin: Sacramento Police Officer
Tom McLaughlin: Worked for the Standard & Sanitary Manufacturing Company of Louisville, KY
Warren McLaughlin: Craftsman
Frank McManus: Plumber
Joe McManus: Bookkeeper School Teacher
Harry McNeal: Attorney
George McQuillan: Furniture Salesman
Pete McShannic: Glass Blower for Cunningham Glass Company
James Meagher (Umpire): Draftsman
George Meakim: Milk Dealer
Charles Mears (Umpire): Advertising
William Medart: Pulley & Foundry Manufacturer
John Meister: Hotel & Café Business / Owned a Shoe Store in
Jack Mercer: Grinder
Dick Midkiff: Accountant
Ezra Midkiff: Sheriff / School Teacher
Chuck Miller: Design Engineer for Public Works Department of Woodville, OH
George Miller: Machinist
Hack Miller: Automobile Salesman
Joe Miller: Boiler Tender / School Teacher
Tom Miller: Basket Maker
Roy Mitchell: Farmer
Fred Mollenkamp: Retail Furniture Salesman
Vince Molyneaux: Traveling Accountant for the US Goverment
John Monroe: Farmer / Rancher
George Moolic: Liquor Dealer
Eddie Moore: Accountant / Pipefitter
Gene Moore Sr: Cotton Farmer
John F. Moore: Scout for the Boston / Milwaukee Braves
Walter Morris: Minor League Manager
Mike Mowrey: Night Watchman at Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA / Employee of Letterkenny Ordinance Depot, Chambersburg, PA
Ray Mueller: Manager of Reading (Eastern League) / Scout for the Phillies and Indians
Martin Mullen: Coal Salesman
George Mundinger: Crop Planter
Con Murphy: Salesman
Howard Murphy: Sand & Gravel Industry
John Murphy: Shoemaker
John J. Murphy: Longshoreman
Walter Murphy: Director of Industrial Relations for a Manufacturing Company
Yale Murphy: Physician
Jim Murray: Night Clerk for Malloy & Son Funeral Home of Galveston, TX
Miah Murray: Minor League Umpire / Operated a billiard parlor in Boston
Levi Myerle: Plasterer
Henry Myers: Journalist
Doc Nance: Exterminator
Buddy Napier: Service Station Owner
Billy Nash: Hospital Attendant at Poundville Hospital in Wrentham, MA
Rollie Naylor: Minor League Umpire
Offa Neal: School Teacher
Joe Neale: Machinist
Tom Needham: Taylor
Doug Neff: Minister
Otto Neu: Wholesale Rug merchant
Pat Newnham: Minor League manager / Umpire in the Texas League
Dick Newsome: Farmer
George Nicol: Machinist
Sam Nichol: Tavern / Hotel Owner
Parson Nicholson: Shoe Store Owner
Billy Niles: Wheel Maker for French & Hecht, Inc.
Charlie Nyce: Philadelphia Policeman
John O'Brien: Fireman, Fall River, MA
Tom O'Brien: Minor League Manager / Scout for the Indians & Athletics
Dan O'Leary: Free Lance police Reporter in Chicago, IL
Bill O'Neill: Watchman
John O'Rourke: Baggage Master
Prince Oana:Sherrifs Office for Travis County Texas Department of Corrections
Heinie Odom: Book Keeper for Forrest Products
Bill Otey: Auto Mechanic for Penn-Ohio Electric Company
Joe Otten: Laborer
Frank Owen: Security Officer for Ford Motor Company
Ray Oyler: Salesman for Safeway stores in Seattle
Don Padgett: Automobile Salesman
Roy Parker: Worked for Oklahoma Natural Gas
Harley Payne: Farmer
George Paynter: Collector
Frank Pears: Yardman for the Riverview Clark Company of St Louis
George Pechiney: Tool Maker
Hal Peck: Sales Department for Atlantic Richfield Company
Jimmy Peoples: Real Estate Agent
John Peters: Worked for St Louis Parks Department
Art Phelan: Deputy Clerk for Tarrant County, Texas Tax Office
Wiley Piatt: Teacher
John Pickett: Foreman for the Spaulding Bat Factory
Tony Piet: Owned Pontiac Dealership / Owned an investment Co / Insurance Broker
Herman Pitz: Cafe Business
Howie Pollett: Pitching Coach for Cardinals and Astros, Partner in an Insurance Firm
Ralph Pond: Self Employed Road Contractor
Ed Poole: Merchant
Henry Porter: Shoe Worker
John Potts: Attorney
Larry Pratt: Investigator for Illinois State Attorney's Office
George Proeser: Farmer
Oscar Purner: Smelter at a Copper Mine
Joe Quest: NL Umpire
Frank Quinlan: Shoemaker
Joe Quinn: Undertaker
Rip Radcliff: Employed by the Western and Bridge Supply Company / Employed by the Smith Road Machinery Company
Drew Rader: Public Relations for NY Telephone Company
Frank Ragland: Manager of a Lumber Company
John Rainey: Clerk
Earl Rapp: Scout for Houston Astros / Kansas City Royals / Montreal Expos / Cincinnati Reds and Toronto Blue Jays / Employee of the Beckett Country Club, Swedesboro, NJ
Farmer Ray: Oil Pumper for Texaco
Billy Redmon: Bricklayer
Jack Redmond: Design Engineer for Dearborn Stove Company
Billy Reidy: Manager in the PCL / Coach & Scout for the Cleveland Naps
Charlie Reilley: Steam Fitter
Barney Reilly: Lawyer
John Reilly: Commercial Artist
Tom Reilly: Worked for the Godchaux Sugar Company of New Orleans
Art Reinhart: Salesman for Ajax Distibution Company
Jack Reis: Steamfitter
Laurie Reis: Worked as a time keeper for the City of Chicago
Charlie Reising: Saloon Keeper
George Rettger: Master Auto Mechanic
Billy Rhiel: Worked for V.F.W. Canteen
Jack Richardson: Insurance Agent
John Ricks: Manager of a Wrought Iron Company
Harry Riconda: Credit Collector
Lee Richmond: Professor at the University of Toledo
Chris Rickley: Laborer
Topper Rigney: Worked for an Investment Group
Billy Riley: Guager (Excise Officer)
Jim Riley: Public Relations for a Distillery
Pop Rising: Laborer
Art Riviere: Insurance Agent
Jack Robinson: Owned his own Welding Company
Ike Rockenfield: Cigar Salesman
Billy Rogell: Detroit City Councilman
Tom Rogers: Employed by the DuPont Rayon Company / Managed the company baseball team
Red Rolfe: Athletic Director of Dartmouth College
Buddy Rosar: Powerhouse Engineer for the Ford Stamping Plant
Buck Ross: Supervisor at at Yarn Mill
Phil Routcliffe: Oswego, New York Policeman
Dave Rowan: Employee for the City of Tornoto
Jack Rowe: Tobacco Trader
Jim Roxburgh: Worked for San Francisco School System
John Russ: Painter
Lloyd Russell: Professor, Baylor University
Johnny Ryan: Philadelphia Policeman (Killed In The Line of Duty)
Rosy Ryan: Manager Minneapolis (AA) / Phoenix (AA)
Slim Sallee: Restaurant Owner
Roy Sanders: Salesman For Packard Motor Cars
Will Sawyer: Mechanical Engineer in the Steel Industry
Phil Saylor: Attorney
Pat Scanlon: Blacksmith
Germany Schaefer: Giants Scout
Art Scharein: Pumper for the Pearl Brewing Company
Ted Scheffler: Postal Clerk
Al Schellhase: Saloon Owner
John Scheneberg: Plasterer
Morrie Schick: Hardware Salesman
Admiral Schlei: Paper Ruler
Louis Schrader (Umpire): Cigar Maker
Joe Schultz Sr.: Minor League Manager / Coach for the Cardinals / Director of scouting for the Pirates
Joe Schultz Jr.: Sold Railroad Freight-Car Parts
John Schultz: Postal Clerk
Toots Schultz: Caretaker
Al Schulz: Salesman
Hal Schwenk: Interior Decorator
Art Schwind: Fire Alarm Operator
Ed Scott: Security Policeman for Interlake Iron & Steel Corporation
Jim Scott: Railroad Store Clerk
Lefty Scott: Boilermaker for Shell Oil Refinery
Ken Sears: Worked for Rock Island Railroad
Tom Seaton: Foreman for a Smelting Company
Charlie See: Automobile Salesman
Carey Selph: Insurance Agent / President Big John Can Company
Paul Sentell: National League Umpire
Billy Serad: Minor League Umpire / Worked in a Pipe Mill
Hank Severeid: Minor League Manager / Red Sox Scout
Ed Seward: Fire Warden for City of Cleveland, OH
Ralph Shafer: Physical Educatior for Cleveland Board of Education
Gus Shallix: Cincinnati Policeman
Joe Shannon: Superintendant of Roosevelt stadium
Bob Shawkey: Worked for Travelers Insurance / Owned a Canadian gold mine
Dan Shay: Major League Scout
Tommy Sheehan: Panama Canal Zone Employee
Dave Short: Insurance Agent
Frank Siffell: Cigar Dealer
Hank Simon: Operator at a Paper Mill / Cigar Maker
Pete Sims: Salesman
Jim Skerret (Umpire): Office Clerk
Bill Skiff: Yankees Scout
John Skopec: Laborer
Art Sladen: Pressman for a Newspaper
Bull Smith: Lumberman School Teacher
Earl Smith: Plumber
Ed Smith: Engineer
Fred Smith: Butcher
Phenomenal Smith: Worked for the Myrna Shoe Factory of Manchester, NH
Sherry Smith: Claims Adjuster
Skyrocket Smith: Fireman for City of St. Louis
Tony Smith: Security Guard
Chappie Snodgrass: Engineer/Contractor
Colonel Snover: Tile Setter
Frank Snyder: Salesman for a Brewery
George Snyder: Philadelphia Policeman
Joe Sommer: Hotel Proprieter
Pete Sommers: Investigator for Illinois State Attorney's Office
Chick Sorrell: Insurance Agent
Denny Sothern: Civil Service Employee
Bob Spade: Owned a saloon in Cincinnati, OH / Sold Bootleg Whiskey
Chett Spencer: Worked for Ohio State Highway Department
Harry Spratt: Attorney
Ed Springer: Draper
Ed Spurney: Attorney
Bill Stafford: Manager of 7 health clubs, Wendy's VP, Sales Representative
Bob Stafford: Merchant & Farmer
Billy Stage: Attorney
Tom Stanton: Auditor for State Of Missouri
Dolly Stark: Minor League Manager / Operated a Roadhouse
George Starnagle: Brick Layer
Bill Steele: Maintenance man for A&P
Ray Steineder: Self-employed Mason Contractor
Bill Stellbauer: Rail Road Clerk
Fred Stem: Worked in a Tobacco Warehouse
Cal Stembaugh (Umpire): Real Estate Agent
Dummy Stephenson: Sanitary Presser for Fernwood Pottery
Harry Stine: Druggist, Owned and Operated his own Drugstore
Joseph Stophlet (Umpire): Architect
Asa Stratton: Attorney
Gabby Street: Color Announcer on Cardinals Radio Broadcasts
George Strief: Court Bailiff
Bill Stuart: Oil Operator
George Stueland: Laborer
Guy Sturdy: Business Manager for Local Steamfitters and Plumbers Union in Marshall, TX
Billy Sullivan Jr: Building & construction / Real Estate Agent / Owned a bowling alley, restaurant, nightclub, furniture co. / Stockbroker / Insurance Broker / Owned Oil Company
Denny Sulivan: Catholic Priest
Harry Sullivan: Doctor
Marty Sullivan: Laborer
Mike Sullivan: Lawyer
Tom Sullivan: Operated An Advertising Agency
Ed Summers: Welder For Prest-O-Lite Corporation
Steve Sundra: Foreman for Edmond Smith Construction Company
Jack Sutthoff: Oil Station Attendant
Ed Swartwood: NL Umpire / Worked as a Hangman for the Allegheny County, PA, Sheriff's Office
Dan Sweeney: Laborer
Monroe Sweeney: Veterans Training, Texas State Department of Education
John Taff: Insurance Salesman
Arlie Tarbert: Member of War Manpower Commission for US Goberment
John W. Taylor: Coal Miner
Rube Taylor: Blacksmith
Patsy Tebeau: Saloon Keeper
Fred Tenney: School Superintendent
John Terry: Accountant for Lumber Company
Jack Theis: Tobacco Buyer
Tom Thomas: Miner
Art Thomason: County Court Official
Frank Thompson: Electrician
Buck Thrasher: Buyer
Eddie Tiemeyer: Pipe Cutter for a Plumbing Supply House
Bill Tierney: Plumber
Cotton Tierney: Owner of a Recreation Park
Ray Tift: Clerk
Bill Tobin: Hartford Policeman
Clay Touchstone: Semi-pro Player
John Traffley: Railroad Brakeman
Red Tramback: Steamfitter
Jim Tray: Saloon Keeper
George Trenwith: Moulder
Sam Trott: Cigar Manufacturing Business
Tony Tonneman: Accountant
Steve Toole: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania County Commissioner
Jim Toy: Member of the International Molder's Union
Tom Tuckey: Worked for Sheffield Farms Dairy
Oscar Tuero: Watchamn
Guy Tutwiler: Railroad Policeman
Larry Twitchell: Inspector
George Uhle: Manufacturer's rep for Arrow Aluminum Casting Co.
Willie Underhill: Worked for an Oil Company
Bob Unglaub: Machinist for the Pennsylvania Railroad
Jerry Upp: Watchman for the City of Sandusky, OH
Lon Ury: Postal Clerk
Harry Vahrenhorst: Brick Layer
Cal Vasbinder: Live Stock Dealer
Roy Vaughn: Furniture Worker
Cy Vorhees: Salesman
Alex Voss: Painter
Ben Young (Umpire): School Teacher
Joe Wagner: Checker, Manufacturing Business
Charlie Waitt : Window Washer
Fred Walden: Newspaper Press Operator
Curt Walker: Justice of the Peace in Beeville, TX
Ed Walker: School Custodian
Fleet Walker: Worked for the U.S. Postal Service / Operated a Nickelodeon in Cardiz, OH
Walt Walker: Attorney
Welday Walker: Hotel Manager
Huck Wallace: Owned a Bowling Alley
Connie Walsh: St. Louis Policeman
Jack Wanner: Inspector at the Rock Island Arsenal
Dick Ward: Washington State Police Officer
Rube Ward: Air Craft Worker
Buck Washer: Plasterer
Fred Waterman: Laborer
Ed Watkins: Miner
Buzz Wetzel: Vocational Veteran Rehabilitation
Johnny Watwood: Cattleman
Farmer Weaver: Worked for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Charlie Weber: Saloon Keeper
Herm Wehmeier: Manager for a Trucking Company
Podge Weihe: Saloon Keeper
Carl Weilman: Scout for the St. Louis Browns
Eddie Wells: Owned an Oil Distributorship in Alabama
Jake Wells: Saloon Keeper
Buck Wells: Salesman
Buzz Wetzel: Carpenter
George Wheeler: Electrician in a Coal Mine
Jimmy Whelan: Executive for Delco Light Company
Pat Whitaker: Bar Keeper
Bill White: Safety Department for Riverside Tube Mill
Kirby White: Furniture Finisher
John Whitehead: worked for the Fannin County, Texas Road Department
Earl Whitehill: Traveling Salesman
George Whiteman: Deputy Constable
Wild Bill Widner: Fireman & Inspector for the City of Cincinnati / Foreman for the Russell & Jemson Contracting Company
Al Williams: Pumper at an Oil Refinery
Smokey Joe Williams:Bartender
Tom Williams: Coal Miner
Tex Wilson: Agent for Texaco Corporation
Hooks Wiltse: Real Estate Agent
Clarence Winters: Worked for the Ford Motor Company in the Tool Crib
Sam Wise: Foreman at a Rubber Company
Frank Witherow: Pharmacist
Joe Woerlin: Retail Grocer
Polly Wolfe: Truck Driver
Sid Womack: Special Investigator, State of Louisiana
Bob Wood: Blacksmith
George Wood: Clerk for Pennsylvania State Department / Marshal for Pennsylvania Public Service Commission
Pete Wood: Physician
Sam Woodruff: Real Estate Broker
Fred Worden: Postal Carrier
Chuck Workman: Teacher
Cy Wright: Bank Clerk
Dave Wright: Machinist
Lucky Wright: Painter
Rasty Wright: Brokerage Business
Rasty Wright: Manager of a Standard Oil Service Station
Biff Wysong: Cigar Store Manager
George Yeager: Switch Tender for Southern Rail Road
Al Yeargin: Farmer
Chief Youngblood: Auctioneer
Rudy York: Firefighter with Georgia Forestry Service
Adrian Zabala: Worked for the St. Regis Paper Mill of Jacksonville, FL
Tom Zacharias (Umpire): Worked in a Steel Mill
Heinie Zimmerman: Steam Fitter
Ed Zmich: Bartender
Dutch Zwilling: Scout for the Yankees and Mets