Bury My Heart at Cooperstown

Book Description
Who died too young? Who drowned on a train? Who kept syphilis a secret? Where are baseball’s villains and greats buried?
Bury My Heart at Cooperstown is the rare baseball book that successfully walks the fine line between reverence and humor. A remarkable encyclopedia of information, this book tells the tales of baseball’s characters, its mascots and murderers, those who suffered heroically, and those who joyfully drank themselves into oblivion. Bizarre, tragic, twisted, honorable, and gruesome—their stories are collected here for tribute and trivia.

From the Publisher
"Baseball devotees will love this book for their own reasons, but so will non-acolytes. Maybe in different sets of hands that would have been impossible to pull off. But in Frank Russo’s and Gene Racz’s hands, what you’re about to read will soon become one of those books where the corners of the pages quickly wear away from overuse." —from the foreword by New York Post sportswriter Mike Vaccaro

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