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Play By Play

Jackie Robinson and Yogi Berra interviewed after the 1955 World Series (mp3: 473kb)

Babe Ruth talks about Retirement (mp3: 592kb)

Babe Ruth talks about the troops during World War II (mp3: 470kb)

Bobby Murcer Radio Interview from 1983 (mp3: 10.7mb)

Connie Mack Talks about baseball and World War II (mp3: 260kb)

Cy Young Talks about his Perfect Game in 1904 (mp3: 491kb)

Ty Cobb Talks About Base Running (mp3: 698kb)

Ty Cobb Interview: Coca-Cola Top Notchers (1930) (mp3: 6.77mb)

Gabby Hartnett Interview From Good News Of 1938 Recorded 3/24/1938 (mp3: 4.80 mb)

Red Barber talks about Jackie Robinson (mp3: 2.11mb)

Paul Hornung Interviews Yogi Berra: Greatest Sports Legends (mp3: 18.5mb)

Paul Hornung Interviews Joe DiMaggio: Greatest Sports Legends (mp3: 18.1mb)

Don Drysdale Interviews Sandy Kofax: Greatest Sports Legends (mp3: 17.8mb)

Paul Hornung Interviews Mickey Mantle: Greatest Sports Legends (mp3: 18.4mb)

Tom Seaver Interviews Ted Williams: Greatest Sports Legends (mp3: 17.9mb)

Jackie Robinson Hall of Fame Induction Speech (mp3: 2.49mb)

Ryan Sandberg Hall of Fame Induction Speech (mp3: 22.8mb)

Ted Williams talks about beating "The Williams Shift" (mp3: 3.19mb)

Don Larson talks about his perfect game (mp3: 699kb)

Babe Ruth Signs a New Contract (mp3: 404kb)

Babe Ruth Leaves The Yankees (mp3: 2.31mb)

Casey Stengel On Mets Fans (mp3: 1.84mb)

Don Drysdale Interview (mp3: 2.85mb)

Tug McGraw:_Ya Gotta Believe (mp3: 539kb)

Casey Stengel Describes An Inside The Park Homer In The '23 Series (mp3: 342kb)

Waite Hoyt Comments On The '27 Yankees (mp3: 350kb)

Bob Shawkey Talks About Pitching The First Game In Yankee Stadium (mp3: 198kb)

Babe Comments On HIs Called Shot (mp3: 883kb)

Babe Talking About His Career Ambitions (mp3: 142kb)

The Babe Retires (mp3: 107kb)

Carl Hubbell Talks About His All-Star Game Performance (mp3: 276kb)

Johnny Van Der Meer Talks About His Consecutive No-Hitters (mp3: 234kb)

Joe McCarthy Talks About Lou Gehrig Taking Himself Out Of The Lineup (mp3: 235kb)

Connie Mack And Babe Talking About The War (mp3: 105kb)

Allie Reynolds Comments On His No-Hitter vs Boston (mp3: 281kb)

Mickey Mantle Surprises Joe D. On Mickey Mantle Day (mp3: 904kb)

Babe Ruth Farewell Speech (mp3: 2.69mb)

Bill Bevans Describes The End Of His World Series No-Hit Attempt (mp3: 259kb)

Billy Martin Describes A Play In The '52 Series (mp3: 196kb)

Cardinal Cooke Eulogy For Thurman Munson At Yankee Stadium; August 3rd, 1979 (mp3: 305kb)

Catfish Hunter Comments On The Billy Martin/Reggie Jackson Feud (mp3: 76.7kb)

Mickey Mantle Comments On Roger Maris Chasing Babe Ruths' Homerun Record (mp3: 96.9kb)

Catfish Hunter Talks About Thurman Munsons Personality (mp3: 190kb)

Joe DiMaggio Reminisces About Lou Gehrig (mp3: 207kb)

Joe D. Reminisces About What It Felt Like To Be A Yankee (mp3: 249kb)

Lefty Gomez Talks About His Roomie, Joe D. (mp3: 207kb)

Lefty Gomez Reminisces About Joe McCarthy (mp3: 98.4mb)

Joe Wood Remembers The Rookie Babe Ruth (mp3: 148kb)

Johnny Mize Talks About Playing For Casey Stengel (mp3: 175kb)

"The Mick" Talks About His '61 Teammates (mp3: 191kb)

"The Mick" Talks About Joe D. (mp3: 103kb)

Mickey Talks About Playing In New York (mp3: 100kb)

Mickey Mantle Reminisces About Being A Rookie (mp3: 250kb)

Joe McCarthy Extoles Joe DiMaggio (mp3: 126kb)

"Memphis Bill" And "Marse Joe" Chat Before Game 1 Of The '36 Classic (mp3: 184kb)

A Little Stengleese (mp3: 197kb)

Thurman Munson Talks About Flying (mp3: 141kb)

Vic Raschi Talks About Joe DiMaggio (mp3: 134kb)